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Welcome to a Pinoy runner’s Blog. I’m Arnold Zafra and I could proudly say that I’m a runner. Obviously, I’m also a Filipino.

I started running three years ago and together with my wife, we would consistently join fun runs almost four times a month.  We suddenly stopped when a cousin told us “why are we paying for those registration fees when we can just run on our own. Made sense, right? But I did not listen. Then a year after that incident, I started joining duathlon races. After two attempts,  I noticed that I can’t be a fast biker but I could definitely improve on my running to get faster finishes on my duathlon races.

So I started running again. My comeback run, so to speak was in UP. It was a 15K run. To make the long story short, I got hooked into running again. In fact I did my first full 42k marathon in October 2013. But I was not happy with my performance during the race. So I promised myself that I will improve on my PR for my next marathon.

All those being said, this blog is going to be a documentation of my running activities including my running training, fun runs and races that I will join, news about the Pinoy running scene and announcements of interesting running events. I will also throw in some sensible posts about training plans, runner’s diet and other fitness-related information.

For inquiries regarding anything, email noli725@gmail.com.


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