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NatGeo Earth Day Run 2019 race results, photos and more

So last Sunday, the NatGeo Earth Day Run 2019 was held at the SM Mall of Asia with more than 20,000 runners participating in the different race categories.

This year’s NatGeo Earth Day Run 2019 aims to race awareness and encourages runners to fight plastic pollution. True enough, to push this advocacy, the race encouraged the participants to bring their own water bottle as the race organisers did not provide paper cups on the different hydration stations.

It felt good to participate in a fun run where you’ll find the hydration stations that are clean and with no paper cups on the road. I seriously hope that other organisers will follow the same and eliminate the use of plastic or paper cups during their event. NatGeo was able to do it so I don’t see any reason why others can’t.

As for the race itself, what more can I say? It’s your typical Runrio-organised fun run with ample hydration stations and medics along the way. The route takes you in the familiar route, Seaside Blvd, Diokno Avenue, CCP, Buendia all the way to the corner of Ayala. Overall, I enjoyed the NatGeo Earth Day Run 2019 and looking forward to next year’s event. How about you? How was your NatGeo Earth Day Run experience last Sunday? For the race results, check out the Runrio site and for race photos, you can find them here.


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