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PF 21K Sub-2 Challenge 2018

I joined the Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge last Sunday at SM MOA. This is the fifth time that I’ve joined this event and my fourth try at beating the sub-2 challenge. Last year, due to lack of proper training, I decided to join the sub-2.30 instead. While I managed to snag the finisher medal easily last year, I was not satisfied since it was not a sub-2 finisher medal. So, this year, I decided to try the sub-2 challenge once again. Did I succeed?

The race route for this year’s PF21K Challenge was a two-loop that go as far as the World Trade Center Rotonda. Going back, the route will take you at the end of Diokno Boulevard where the second turn around is located. You will then have to go back and pass by the start/finish line before turning back again to WTC for the third turn-around. Then it’s the same route passing by Diokno Blvd where the last turn-around is located and off you go back to Seaside Blvd and finally at the finish line.

Overall, the route was straight and no uphill part since it didn’t go through Roxas Blvd or Makati area. So, it was a good route to gain new PRs and beat old records. There were ample hydration stations along the way. There were some unlighted areas but thankfully, nobody got hurt or injured. What I didn’t notice was the presence of any medical staff along the route.  

So, did I get to reach the finish line in less than two hours? Unfortunately, I failed again this time. My unofficial time was 2:18. But, I’m not to frustrated though because I know that I didn’t prepare properly for this run. I managed to run a couple of 10K-12Ks before but those were not enough.  Still, I’m quite happy with my run since I didn’t struggle that much especially at the last stretch.

Overall, congratulation once again to Jeff Lo and Pinoy Fitness for another successful run of the PF 21K Challenge this year. And kudos for the fast handing out of the finisher shirt and jacket. 

See you again next year!


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