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Climbing Every Mountain with U.S. Potato-Packed Power

For endurance athletes such as road runners, trail runners, bikers, triathletes among others, proper fueling before any type of physical activities is the number one thing to consider. I remember when I joined my first full-marathon, I was anxious on how I could properly fuel up my body. I’ve read so many articles providing tips on proper nutrition before running a marathon, and most if not, all suggest to “carbo-load.”

To cut a long story short, whenever I join foot races, I make it a point to load up on carbohydrates and the most readily available are potatoes. Potatoes are not only rich in fiber, carbohydrates and other nutrients but they are also loaded with good amount of potassium which runners and other athletes usually source out from bananas. And potatoes are also easy to cook. The night before a race, you can just either boil it, throw it in your oven and baked until soft or you can fry it (please use olive oil only).

Potatoes are rich in fiber and low in fats and calories, and can help fuel huge exertions from physical exercise and movement, such as mountain climbing, trail running and even full marathon.

Thanks to Potatoes USA-Philippines, Filipino athletes can now enjoy quality potatoes that are high in potassium and full of vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron and magnesium. US potatoes are true power-ups as they are prepared with the skin on. In case you’re not aware (I don’t!) potato skins are great nutrition source of proteins, phytochemicals and amino acids, especially lysine. Lysine promotes healthy organ and muscle growth. For those trying to gain mass by doing regular workouts at the gym, US potatoes can be a great post-work out nutrition. Lysine also helps convert fat into energy, that’s why it’s perfect for mountain climbers and runners.

Now I know why a friend of mine recently told me about the UP Mountaineers cook-off challenge, dubbed UPM Kalawang Chef, a challenge that dares teams to raise the game in their outdoor cookery. During the contests, participants were required to incorporate a secret ingredient made known to them only at the start of the cook-off. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the said event. It would have been fun to watch these mountaineers and their cooking skills.

Anyway, the cook-off was held at the UP Vanguard and the contestants were presented with their most nutritionally packed food to date, you guess it right — US potatoes. Contestants were challenged to think beyond canned, convenience food and consider what US potatoes could offer in the great outdoors.

During the event, participants were reminded about US potatoes being sodium-free, gluten-free with as little as 110 calories per medium-sized serving. This is perfect nutrition especially after strenuous exercise, like climbing a sheer rock face or rappelling down one. Mountaineers know that this activity would require energy boost. And with US Potatoes and other recovery food made of potatoes, they can say goodbye to the usual sports drinks which is good in providing one thing – sugar.

Hopefully after this event, mountaineers and hikers will have a different perspective about US potatoes and will start keeping a healthy stash ready for sharing among their camp mates. And before I forget, the UP mountaineers were able to come up with succulent dishes with US Potatoes as the main ingredients.

As for runners like myself, I would definitely include US potatoes as part of my pre-race and post-race nutrition source. Hopefully, this will help me conquer my upcoming 21K challenge and finally beat the sub-2 finish that I’ve been trying to achieve for the past couple of years.

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