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Pinoy Fitness 21K Sub-2:30 Challenge Experience


This is a rather late post since it’s been a week since this year’s Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge was held in SM MOA. But for documentation purposes, I’m posting this anyway. So, after three years of joining the PF 21K Sub-2 Challenge, I decided to step back this year and joined the sub-2:30 instead. It was a good decision especially since I have not been joining running events this year. My last first and only 21K foot race this year was sometime in February.

So, this is going to be a quick review of the PF 21K Challenge 2017. To start off, what more can I say, it was a well organized event. The routes were good except for that 2-loop run along Diokno St. I mean, it was a pain to see other runners ahead of you while you’re still trying to tackle the first loop especially when you know that you’re a few kilometers away from the finish line. Hopefully Pinoy Fitness would find away to avoid doing this again in next year’s run.

Overall, it was a good running event. Kudos to Jeff and his crew for staging yet again a successful 21K foot race which really pushes the runners to do their best in beating the cut-off time.

My only gripe though was the long wait to get your finisher shirt. This is especially true for those who opted for the personalized finisher shirt. Hopefully, next year, PF will come up with a faster process.

That’s it for my second and perhaps last half marathon for 2017. Hope to run more half marathons next year.


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