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PSE Bull Run 2017 report, analysis, photos and more

So last Sunday, I had my first ever foot race for 2017 when I joined the 21K distance of the PSE Bull Run 2017. It was a pleasant Sunday morning, with the temperature not too hot and not too cold. As Kuya Kim would say…”perfect to make a new PB or PR.”

For those who joined last year’s PSE Bull Run, you may have notice a slightly different route last Sunday. The Buendia loop was cut short with the U-Turn placed a few meters after Pasong Tamo Extension (or whatever that street is called today). We all missed the PNR u-turn, right?

Going back to BGC, on the way to Bayani Road, the route took a right towards the new McKinley Hill (West?) before exiting a few meters going left to Bayani Road. The U-Turn along Bayani Road was right across the Heritage Park gate. And then the route goes back to the finish line at 34th street.

This year’s Bull Run was organized by Runrio. For those of you who’ve joined previous Runrio fun runs, you know what to expect. There were ample hydration stations, one banana station and a few medics along the way spraying cool and relieving stuff to runners’ tired legs.

Overall, it was a pretty good run. I didn’t break any previous PR and in fact, this is one of my slowest 21K runs but I’m ok with that. My last 21K prior to this was during the PF Challenge and I was not pretty strict with my weekend trainings having spent most of them hibernating or doing some casual biking.

For those who joined the PSE Bull Run, race results are now available here. (3011)

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