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Two 25K Runs in 3 Weeks, OYM Leg 3 and New Balance Power Run report, photos, results and more

new-balance-run-2016-photos-img_0989-985So there, in a span of three weeks, I joined two 25K runs. OYM Leg 3 last October 23 and New Balance Power Run last 6 November. Both runs were held at the BGC area although with a different race route.

The first 25K run was the third leg of the On Your Mark series of running event organized by Affinitea and Mizuno. The 25K route went as far as the PNR area in Makati towards the route going to Bayani Road just before reaching McKinley. What made this route pretty exhausting was the fact that when you reached the Kalayaan Flyover, you will have to go back to the PNR area before you can go back to BGC.

During this run, I was actually doing pretty steady. With a pace somewhere between 5:45-6:30. And upon reaching the 23rd KM I though I was doing alright. But then just when it was only 500 meters away from the finish line, my right calves suffered from cramps. It was my first time to feel that kind of pain in my leg and I knew that I’m having cramps. So, I had to sit down to rest my leg. Thankfully there was a marshall who did some quick treatment and the pain subsided right away. Allowing me to reach the finish line at 3:05 mark.

For the New Balance Power Run last Sunday (November 6), I was pretty cautious not to exert too much effort trying to beat anytime. I made sure that I ran at a pace that my legs could handle. So, I ran steady at 5:45-6:30 and reached the finish line at 2:53 mark.

For this race’s route, it didn’t reach the PNR area, with the turn-around just located along Buendia/Ayala intersection. But the route took us up to Heritage Memorial Park in BGC. For those familiar in this route, the Bayani Road is a pretty tough road to conquer.

So, there. My two 25K runs for this year are over. Up next is a shorter and yet more challenging run – the Pinoy Fitness 21K Sub-2 challenge which I have been trying to conquer for the last two years – but failed. Hopefully, I could finish the 21K distance in less than 2 hours this time. (2664)

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