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UNICEF Heroes for Children Run 2016 race results, race photos, and more


Last Sunday, I was supposed to run my first 50K at the Clark-Cardimaxx Ultramarathon but had to forego my slot due to conflict of schedule last Saturday. After deciding to forego my first ultramarathon two weeks ago, I decided to register for the UNICEF Heroes for Children Run 2016. For those who are unaware, this is the second year of this run for a cause with the proceeds benefiting UNICEF. This run is also heralded by Anne Curtis and for this year, she was assisted by Coach Rio.

The result was a very success running event for a cause last Sunday. I heard that there were around 7000 runners who joined the 500 meter dash, 5K, 10K and 21K categories.

It was a typical Coach Rio running event, so I have nothing more to say. Although for those who are used to running in the Luneta area before traversing the stretch of Roxas Blvd going all the way to NAIA Road, this time around, this route skipped the Luneta area and just went all the way to NAIA road. To cover the 21K distance, Coach Rio had to improvise and cover other routes within the vicinity of SM Mall of Asia.

Overall, the fact that this run was staged for a worthy cause, I couldn’t helped but applaud Anne, Coach Rio and UNICEF for holding the event.

Very heartwarming part of the event was the 500 meter participated by kids and kids with disability. One of these kids was Niah. Watch him reach the finish line in this video ->https://youtu.be/Q_aK8G5aBuI

Again congratulations Anne Curtis and Coach Rio. Hope I could join again next year, and I will be bringing along my family to run with me.

Results of the UNICEF Heroes for Children run are now ready:

UNICEF Run 2016 Overall 5k

UNICEF Run 2016 Overall 10k

UNICEF Run 2016 Overall 21k (3429)

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