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SLS3 Graduated Compression Socks Review


For the past couple of months now, I’ve been wanting to buy the SLS3 compression socks with the butterfly design. I’ve seen in worn by other runners and the socks look amazing. Thankfully, SLS3 sent me a pair for review and testing. So I wore it during my 21km LSD run last weekend and here’s what I could say about this compression socks.

First things first, I’ve had a difficult time buying compression socks since most of the time, the smallest size which is XS is still too long for my legs. It’s a good thing that the SLS3 compression socks is not too long and was perfect fit for my legs. It snugly fit my calf and was not too tight as compared with my other compression socks despite the small size. The socks gave my legs enough breathing space without sacrificing the protection that it should be giving my legs.

Speaking of protection, while there no visible indication on how this can be proven, what I can say is that while using this socks and trying to finish my 21km LSD, I did not feel too much fatigue in my calves. In fact, when I ran 21km, I felt like I could still run some more kilometers. Unfortunately since it was already too late, I decided to stop at 21km.


And since, my calves and knees were well protected by the compression socks, I was still able to stay mobile during the day.

Another thing that I like about the SLS3 compression socks is funky color selection accentuated by butterfly design. I got the blue compression socks and it looks awesome. The design of the compression socks will not be too difficult to mix and match with your other running apparels.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the SLS3 graduated compression socks and would recommend it to those looking to buy their first compression socks. You’ll definitely get all your money’s worth. (2212)

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