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Regetta Canoe Footwear Review

regetta canoe footwear

I recently received this new footwear from Regetta Canoe, a unique and modern Japanese footwear brand. Regetta Canoe creates products starting from the core values of balance and comfort and its footwear features classic structure with fashionable designs. It also adopts revolutionary hi-tech materials in harmony with the vegan spirit.

Although the footwear was not made for running, it is perfect as an after-run footwear that can relax your tired feet. It will also help you maintain your balance while relaxing after a tiresome short or long distance run. I recently used it after the Pinoy Fitness Sub-1 10K Challenge and I could attest that my feet felt better as compared with wearing regular slippers.

The Regetta Canoe footwear boosts of 8 comforts namely;

1. Balanced Standing Posture – The footwear allows your feet to contact the ground with entire sole to naturally improve posture.

2. Ideal Walking Movements – It has scientific insole and outsole design which is design to most ideal form of movement and provides excellent stability

3. Foot Care – The footwear has perfect insole shape completely that completely prevents foot from rubbing against the insole

4. Impact Absorption – It has substantial material and structure that provides impact absorption

5. Best Fitting and Stability – The footwear’s insoles provide most relaxing walking experience and helps natural weight shift and body alignment

6. Unique Arch Support – The footwear releases pressure build up from a long time of standing and walking

7. Good Health and Blood Circulation – Thanks to its well-defined insole, the Regetta Canoe footwer also has these health benefits

8. Toe-Guard/Heel Guard – Its special “guard” design protects toes and heels.

regetta canoe footwear 2

And for those who care about the environment, you’ll be glad to know that the Regetta Canoe, the company is against animal testing and uses non-toxic vegam materials for its products. Hence, it is eco-friendly.

So how does it actually look and feel when in used? At first, you might find the footwear’s look and design a bit weird. But as soon as you start walking and feel its comfort, you’ll soon appreciate the footwear. Some may find the design not too appealing but to some, it is an attention getter. When friends saw me using it, they can’t help but ask what I am doing and where I got it.

Overall, I’m very much pleased by the Regetta Canoe footwear and I would highly recommend it to those who do regular strenous activities that impacts the lower body. Your feet deserves comforting and soothing after those activities. And the Regetta Canoe footwear will help you give your feet that comfort. (6500)

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