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SLS3 AllRounder Compression Socks review

sl3s compression socks review 3

I received this SLS3 compression socks called, AllRounder Compression Socks recently and was able to use it during a half marathon run a couple of days ago. This is my second compression socks but the other one I got from another brand was more of a recovery socks rather than a performance one. But I also own a compression sleeves so I’d can compare the experience of using the SLS3 compressions socks with my experience in using the compression sleeves while running.

Anyway, according to SLS3, their AllRounder Compression Socks were designed by medical professionals. As such, it features softer, special Micro-Nylon material which makes it very easy to put on. I can attest to the truthfulness of this claim as I found it easier to put on this compression socks as compared to the other compression socks and sleeves that I owned. Removing the socks was also easier.

Another feature of this compression socks is the fact that it increases oxygen delivery to the working muscles to enhance their performance. It improves blood circulation that helps the body eliminate metabolic waste products such as lactic acid, more easily. What this means in simple terms is that it allows you to run longer and harder as it can delay the onset of fatigue.

sl3s compression socks review

If I have to prove whether those features are correct, well one thing I noticed during my half marathon a couple of days ago was the fact that I managed to run a little bit faster from start all the way until the 7th KM. It also took a little while before my legs experienced fatigue.

Other features of the SLS3 AllRounder Compression Socks include, its ability to support the achilles tendons, tibias, calves, and ankles significantly. It also reduces muscle vibration drastically. This can result in less damage of the soft tissue and of course lesser muscle sore. True enough, the day after my half marathon, my legs were not that sore. This also resulted to a shorter recovery time for my legs which is very good since I need to get some more training to prepare for marathon (Milo Marathon) two weeks after.

sls3 all rounder compression socks

The SLS3  AllRounder Compression socks has has cooling effects and UV protection, antimicrobial fibers for odor contorl, and employs seamless TekWeb technology to prevent blisters.

Available in 6 color design, the SLS3 AllRounder compression Socks has a SRP of $45.90 and can be purchased online from the SLS3 website.

If you’re still contemplating on buying a compression socks, this one from SLS3 is definitely a good choice.


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