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Plant-Based Nutrition via the SuperFood Grocer’s Super Green Smoothies

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For the past four days now, I’ve been supplementing my diet with green smoothies. By green smoothies, I mean plant-based smoothies normally consisting of combination of fruits, plant-leaves plus the SuperFood products of the SuperFood Grocer.

I wanted to try detoxing via the more popular juicing technique but then I don’t want to loose too much energy by doing so. Besides, I’m not doing this to loose weight but rather to maintain a healthy, balanced physical condition. So, SuperFood Grocer’s approach to healthy living is more viable especially for a runner like me.

SuperFood Grocer

To give you a bit of a background about the SuperFood Grocer’s Green Smoothies. They are actually your usual smoothies concoction but with an added boost of organic, plant-based powders that you add to your mixture. This super food powder not also serve as nutrient-filled additives but also makes that taste of the smoothies bearable. Especially since these green smoothies include your regular plant-based leaves such as kangkong, pechay, kamote tops and others.

Green Smoothies

To give you an idea of how these smoothies taste and look like, here are some of the smoothies recipes prepared by the SuperFood Grocer:

superfood grocer green smoothies 1
papaya, banana, organic lettuce and sfg maca, camucamu, moringa and coconut sugar
superfood grocer green smoothies 2
banana apple grape kangkong celery and
superfood grocer green smoothies 3
banana, pineapple, pechay, kamote tops, ginger, cucumber and #thesuperfoodgrocer maca, camu, moringa and coco sugar

Do you think you can gulp them? You certainly can. Almost all the green smoothies I tried tasted like your regular smoothies. Even my 9-year old kid love them.

Running Benefits of Green Smoothies

You can read about the benefits of green smoothies from the SuperFood Grocer website. Or you can download the SuperFood Grocer guide to give you an idea of the benefits and other information. This will help you decide whether you can partake of these plant-based nutrition.

As for the initial benefits to me of this green smoothies, well I was able to feel the difference during my last run at the 37th Milo Marathon Finals. I can feel the big difference in my running condition. I felt lighter this time than during the Domination Run 2013.

But of course, I have yet to reap the real benefits of these green smoothies in the coming days as I continue supplementing my diet with super green smoothies.

In the meantime, in case you’re contemplating on changing your diet — towards a healthier one, then SuperFood Grocer’s green smoothies is the way to go. (2458)

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