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Sante Barley Domination Run 2013 Race Report, Race Photos and More

domination run 2013 race reportsAs promised here’s a more comprehensive race report on the just concluded Sante Barley Domination Run 2013, held at the Cavitex last Sunday, November 24, 2013. As a review, there were four events during the said running event, namely – 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K.

The gun start for the 21K event was supposed to be at 4:00 a.m. But a few minutes before the published gun start, the event organizers announced that gun start will be pushed to 4:30 a.m. instead. The reason announced was something like “due to technical problems.” I’m probably one of the many 21K participants who were dismayed by this delay. I, for one woke up at 2:00 a.m. left the house at 2:30 and arrived at the ASEANA city around 3:00 a.m., hoping to finish the race earlier since it was a Sunday. Sunday, being family day and as much as possible I don’t want to spend too much time. In fact, during races, I don’t linger and join in the post-race festivities and instead hurries home to spend more time with my family. So, I was pretty annoyed that the organiser of the Sante Barley Domination Run 2013 delayed the gun start of the 21K race for 30 minutes. Hopefully, in my succeeding runs, this won’t happen again.¬†

There I said it. Now on with the race report. As I mentioned in my previous posts, this is the first time that I’m running in the Cavitex. In fact, I’m not too familiar with the race route. What I recognized is that we passed by the Coastal Area, right in the intersection going to Bacoor. From that intersection, the route took us on the upper interchange which I’m guessing is the new Cavitex hi-way. The view was not as spectacular as I expected it to be. Or perhaps I didn’t get to enjoy it that much since when we passed by on the way to the 10.5K turn-around it was still dark. And going back to ASEANA, I was already too tired to enjoy the scenery.

What I liked about the race route is the fact that it was 90% flat. Hence, it was a perfect opportunity to establish a new, faster PR. The 10% rolling terrain was not too stiff either. I’m used to a stiffer surface thanks to my training grounds in Antipolo.¬†Overall, it was a great race route. Although there were some parts which are rough, the rest of the race route was smooth and was not too harsh on the knees.

Next, hydration? Well, there’s an on-going joke among those who participated in the 21K event, and that it was a race for hydration. I think you can count the hydration stations along the 21K route. Let me make a wild estimate, less than 10? It’s not that I’m complaining since I brought my own hydration bottle filled with water. And during the race, I decided not to rely too much on Gatorade or other colored drinks for my hydration. It was a good decision though, since there wasn’t a single Gatorade station at all. I don’t know but is Sante Barley a competitor of Gatorade or other brands of power drinks? Just asking.

How about, race personnel? Hmm, yeah I saw a few race marshall, with one or two of them giving out morale boost by congratulating me just before the finish line. But along the way, I hardly felt the presence of the race marshall, medics and other race personnel.

Overall, in terms of race management, I will have to give Sante Barley or the race organisers (Without Limits) an average mark. Use the comments/feedback you’ll gather from this event for next year’s Domination Run 2014.

How about you? Did you enjoy the Domination Run 2013? Are you joining Domination Run 2014?

Photo courtesy of Tara Trip Tayo

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