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Run Mail! 37th Milo Marathon Finals 21K Race Kit

milo marathon finals race kit

I just received the 37th Milo Marathon Finals race kit this afternoon via a courier after registering online last month. The event is organised by RunRio and similar to the elimination rounds, online registration didn’t have a glitch at all. In fact, it seems that the registration for this event is better than the We Run Manila 10K which is also organised by RunRio.

Anyway, the race kit didn’t have anything extra-ordinary. Inside the familiar envelope is of course the race bib and the singlet.

The race bib is similar to the race of the Manila Eliminations. The only difference is the annotation signifying that it is the Milo Marathon Finals. As for the singlet, well what can I say? It’s identical to the singlet of the previous Milo Marathon elimination round. If supply of the singlet in the previous Milo Marathon rounds were too much, I would think that this singlet is just a left-over.

But it’s ok. I did not expect too much and it is not the reason why I’m joining this race again. Like I said, I want to beat my PR in the eliminations. So, I’ll just enjoy the race and run as fast as I can.

Have you received your 37th Milo Marathon Finals race kit? (3197)

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