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Top Three iPhone Running Apps

Since I started running, I always bring along my iPhone 5 with me. Be it during a fun run, marathon or training. Thanks to the GPS feature of the iPhone 5, you can skip those GPS watches and devices to measure your run distance, run speed, run pace and even map your race route.

Of course, you can’t use the iPhone alone to do these tasks. You have to install running iPhone apps. Thankfully, the iTunes App Store have several useful iPhone running apps. Here are the top three iPhone running apps that I’ve used so far.

1.) Runkeeper (Free with Premium paid subscription)

top five running iPhone apps

The top iPhone running apps for me is of course, Runkeeper. It’s a no frills, easy-to-use, and user-friendly interface will get you started using it as soon as you fire up the app after installing it on your iPhone. Runkeeper lets you do fitness-related things such as:

  • see detailed stats around your pace, distance and time
  • get stats, progress, and coaching through your headphone with built-in audio cues
  • listen and control your music while you run
  • measure your heart rate with available supported sensors
  • take pictures along the way to share and save while you run
  • share your running activities via Facebook, Twitter and on Runkeeper.com

Runkeeper is also available via premium subscription. This lets you do more such as compare your running records and more.

2.) Nike+ Running (Free)

top iphone running apps

This is possibly the most popular running apps on the iTunes. It also records your distance, pace and time. One difference of this app with Runkeeper is that you can use it even while you run on the treadmill. The app also gives you in-ear cheers from your friends on Facebook and Path when you broadcast that you’ve started a run. You can also sync the app to the Nikeplus.com website. This lets you view your maps on a larger screen, set new goal and find Nike+ Top Routes in your area.

3.) Strava Run (Free)

top iphone running apps

This iPhone running apps lets you track your runs with GPS, analyze your performance, join challenges and see how you stack up against friends. The app also lets you climb the leaderboards by setting personal records and earning course record honors, joining monthly challenges designed to push you further and seeing how you stack up against friends, locals and pros. The app is also available in premium subscription.

There you go, the top three iPhone running apps. Which of these app do you use when you run? (2093)

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