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Saturday Afternoon Run, Easy 5 Mile, Rolling Terrain

my training ground

During weekends, I usually do my run on the rolling terrain of Sumulong Highway. Bikers know this famous route via the Valley Golf subdivision. But while others bike this route, I usually do my weekend runs here, that’s Saturday and Sunday morning most of the time.

But this Saturday, since I have something else to do in the morning, I did my usual run in the afternoon instead. While I prefer to run in the morning, there are still some perks with afternoon run. One is that you get to witness a nice view of the sunset with the Ortigas area as the backdraft.

Anyway, so I did my Saturday run. It was an easy run and my Garmin Forerunner 10 recorded the following information:

This is of course part of my 20 weeks beginner marathon training which I got from coolrunnings. Will discuss that training in another post later. This training is in preparation for the Condura Skyway Marathon happening on February 2 or perhaps even for the Subic International Marathon in January 2014.

How about you? What marathon are you preparing for? (1172)

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